The Year of the Skeeters & Shooting Star Flowers! 2008

My favorite photo this year - Dayle took me to see a meadow full of blooming Shooting Stars
I didn't get a good shot of the flowers, but turned and got this shot of our boats on the beach at Amy's Blue Lagoon.

Sailing Trio

Dayle and Buddy

Ava and Grandma

Rob & D'Ann

Dayle's First Mate

Dayle & Teresa

Teresa's Sail - "Tequila Sunrise"

Dayle was swimming, Buddy swam out and crawled upon his float cushion!

When we were leaving home, we couldn't bear to miss the blooming of our Stargazer Lilies, so we brought them to camp!

Buddy and a plate of filet mignon - no he didn't get them all, just the leftovers! <grin>

What can I say? The mosquitoes were so bad we did a lot of crocheting!!

Beargrass in bloom on the point

A patch of Shooting Stars at the "Point" where we go to enjoy the sunsets.

My close-up photo of Shooting Stars - with the late summer, it's the first time we saw them in bloom!

Our 23rd Shaklee Family Reunion Campout Group Photo

Jessica, Emily and the "dawgs"

Ninja night around the Shaklee campfire

Our sunset photo with sun rays

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