The Year of the Babies! 2007

We had lots of fun on the beach this year with our kids & grandkids!

Our group photo for 2007 - you know who you are! <g>

Emily & Jess with their annual photo with Buddy.

Emily, Whitney & Kelsey

Dayle sailing into Amy's Blue Lagoon with Buddy at the bow.

Teresa with Mikey as passenger

Buddy really took to swimming this year!

I had to show a photo of our 2nd Annual Chicken Teriyaki Yakisoba dinner on our "Big Gas Grill"!

Gabe buried in the sand, then in his swim suit at the lake.

Mikey making a jump at the dunes before they got to the lake.

Gabriel & Jenna having fun at camp

Teresa relaxing in camp holding Buddy.

Travis and Kristi and their dog, Angel.

Travis, Kristi and Angel kayaking into Amy's Blue Lagoon

Jenna gets a "camp bath".

Siblings from left - Denise, Teresa, Rob & Roberta

Gabe kayaking with aunt Roberta

Shaklee kids around the fire

A nice scenic photo of the lake.

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