Our Family & Friends Lake Campout 2005

Group photo #1

From Left SITTING: Mark & dog, Roberta, Holly holding Isaac, Jessica, Rob, Johanna, Teresa & Buddy.
From Left Standing: Josh, Jon, D'Ann, Joel, Amy, Andrew, Elsie & Dayle.

Group photo #1 - From Left: Amy & Jenna, Kelsey, Whitney, Denise, Holly & Isaac, Jessica, Jon, D'Ann & Rob.

Kayakers! I'm in my kayak taking a photo of from left: Denise, Amy, D'ann & Roberta.

Dayle is heading out of Shadow Bay

Amy in Teresa's kayak floating in Amy's Blue Lagoon, Rob in the Sunfish behind.

D'Ann is bonding with Jenna - aren't they cute??!!

Wow, Aunt D'Ann actually lets me play in the sand and get dirty, I like this!

Can't you just smell the smoke? Joel playing guitar, Amy S., D'Ann & Holly.

Jenna the camping baby, all bundled up and on Grandpa Kasner's lap.

From left: Travis & Shelby, Amy, Kristi, Teresa & Buddy, Shawn and Grandpa & Jenna seated.

Amy, Jenna and Teresa hiking to see the sunset at the point.

I call this photo "Last Day" - the boat is stripped of gear and ready to load for the trip home.

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