Our Family & Friends Campout 2004

Group photo - 36 Attendees at the 2004 Campout!!

Rob, D'Ann, Jon, Holly & Baby Isaac, Josh, (& 2 friends), Johanna & Andrew (& his brother & wife?), Joel & Amy (& 2 friends),
Jessica, Emily & Luc. Roberta and grand-daughter, Ava. Teresa & Dayle, Shawn, Travis & friend Kristi, Travis' co-worker
Dave and his wife. Denise & Steve, Whitney & friend Kelsey. Dayle's sister, Lorna & husband Steve. Also, Holly' grandparents
Mark and Elsie. 5 dogs and 2 cats! NOTE: Not all attendees are in the photo.

Dayle & our Cairn Terrier pup, Buddy. See how BLUE the water is?

The 5 Sunfish in Amy's Blue Lagoon - Dayle's, Teresa's, Roberta's, Rob's & D'Ann's.

We met 2 great Korean English teachers here on a special program sponsored by the Korean Gov't. Scott on the right.

Steve, Dayle & Lorna sailing back to Shadow Bay!

D'Ann, Robert, Roberta, Ava, Dayle & Buddy in their kayaks!

Our pup, Buddy, really took to sailing!

Roberta and her grand-daughter, Ava.

Ava in the island "fort" and with Grandma Roberta learning to roast a hotdog!

L: Emily on the left, Jessica on the right. | R: Dayle taking brother-in-law Steve for a sail.

Dayle, Teresa & Buddy in their camp - Another wonderful Year!

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