Betty Lea Woldridge Shaklee Emery was born in Fay, Oklahoma on May 20, 1921. Her parents, Harley & Lela Woldridge had 12 children! She married Wallace Winston Shaklee on January 25, 1941 in Las Vegas NV. They made their home in Watonga OK with a brief stay in California. They had 4 children. Twins, Robert & Roberta then daughters Teresa & Denise. Their tiny 2 room home on Grandpa Shaklee's farm was destroyed in a tornado on Betty's birthday in 1949 3 weeks and 5 days after Teresa was born. (Tornado Story)

The family relocated to Oregon 4 years later. They lived in Tigard, Hillsboro & Cornelius before moving to McMinnville, OR. Betty & Wally were divorced in 1962. Betty took Teresa and Denise and moved to Tigard, OR. Two years later they relocated to east Portland, where her daughters graduated from David Douglas high school. Betty married Max Emery on August 26, 1965, divorced November 12, 1983. They lived in Portland and then several years on a farm in Scio, OR. Betty has never remarried although she had a friend, Mr. B, for several years that took her on many trips to exotic places, such as China, Europe, a cruise through the Panama Canal, Thailand & Bali.

Betty lived her last years being lovingly cared for in Raleigh Hills Assisted Living facility in Portland OR. The staff told us many times that she was their favorite and the "life" of Raleigh Hills.

Betty passed away at 7:30 am on March 18th, 2010. Her funeral - March 25th at 1 pm at Skyline Memorial Gardens. She was loved.

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Mom's "Pin Up" Photo

Betty's brother, Don, made this airplane windmill and so she posed with it.

Aren't they adorable?

The Wallace Winston & Betty Lea Woldridge Shaklee Family

Mom's first children were twins, Robert left, and Roberta in the Shaklee family high chair.

Mom in her 30s

Mom & Max Emery - we called him Danny

Mom at her 70th Birthday posing with her whole family.

Mom at her 70th Birthday - pretty amazing, isn't she?

Mom with her beloved little poodle, Hailey - at Waldo Lake Family Campout.

Mom at 88, shortly before we lost her. Still pretty - with her granddaughters Johanna and Jessica.

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