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Wally's 81st birthday party, held at Amy & Jay's home in Tigard, Oregon. Amy is Wally's grand-daughter, Teresa's daughter.

L to R - Teddy, Jay, Travis, Kristi, Cliff, Roberta, Amy, Dayle, Tami, Betty, Teresa, Wally & Betty. (Denise was taking photo)

Dayle brought his 2002 Thunderbird he WON in a raffle!! His new nickname is "Lucky".

Here is the family, celebrating Wallace Winston Shaklee's 80th Birthday, at daughter Teresa's Houseboat!

Attending were, Dad, Betty (his girlfriend), MaryAnn (his sister from Oklahoma), her new husband, Fred, Betty, mother of his 4 children, his son Robert his wife D'Ann, their son Josh, daughters Jessica & Johanna & husband Andy. Son Jon, his wife Holly. Daughter Roberta, her husband Teddy, their son Cliff, his wife Tami and her son Kyle. Daughter Teresa, Dayle and their daughter Amy, her husband Jay, his dad and mom, Jerry & JoAnn, sons Shawn and Travis, and his girlfriend Kristi. Daughter Denise, her husbad Steve, their children Kevin and Whitney.

Dad & Mom

Left: Dad & Sis MaryAnn ~ Right: MaryAnns new husband, Fred - Denise and Amy

Left: Josh Shaklee, playing his guitar. ~ Right: Dad and his wonderful lady friend, Betty.

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