Teresa's DARlings Photo Page - CC 2008

This year our luncheon was held al fresco in a courtyard at the side of the hall with this lovely fountain!

Ladies, I'll need help identifying you all - please send me an email and tell me your name and where you are in the photo.

From Left: Peggy Becker, Lynn Marshall, Teresa Kasner, Barb Allison, Twila Helferich, Mary Russell Muchmore, Susan Fiorentino, Roberta, Anne Donahue Lampman, ?, Sally Smith, Vickie Bishop, Cheryl Singhal, Kathy Carey, Jeanette Frey, ?, Doris Vickers

Two cute videos are sent by Anne Donahue Lampman from SoCal!
Click HERE to see the 1st video!
Click HERE to see the 2nd video!

Left - Ramona "Flash" Glenn | Center - Victoria Barnett | Right - Teresa & Susan

Photo above sent by Cheryl Singhal, center - Left is Anne Donahue Lampman and right is Doris Vickers.

Ladies, if any of you have other photos of DARlings at CC, please send them to me. Please only send your very best, thanks!

My afternoon in the Oregon Box - From Left, Polly Blank, Jane Gray, Perri Parker, State Regent, Bev Przybylski & Teresa Kasner.

Teresa & Ann, California State Regent

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