Handpainted watercolor greeting cards on heavy, deckle edged watercolor paper card stock, envelopes included.
Cards are 5"X7" inches and are ready to frame in standard sized frames. Each card is protected in a cellophane sleeve.
A sample of designs is above, but custom designs are available. Each card is an original handpainted design, no two are exactly alike.

Designs Include: Bamboo, Iris, Fuschia, Goldfish, Grapes, Trilliums, etc.


$5.00 each - Simple Iris & Bamboo (no birds or grasshoppers, etc.)
$7.50 each - Iris & Bamboo with bird or insect, Goldfish, Fuschia, etc.
$10 each - for custom orders or extra detailed images, to be determined.

NOTE: You can order custom paintings to be done in larger sizes, price to be determined.
Shipping: $5.00 for 1 to 6 cards. International Shipping $7.50 for 1 to 6 cards.

Email me this information:

The amount of cards you want to order & which designs.
Your shipping address. Please include your phone number for my records.
NOTE: Orders need to be prepaid via check in the mail *OR* You can pay by PayPal.


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