Shaklee Family Heirloom Furniture

Here is the table I rescued out of the Shaklee farm chicken house in Watonga, Oklahoma.

It was in really bad condition, but it turned out really well!

Here is the "kitchen queen" - I found that in the crumbling farm house kitchen. It was a hideous mint green and acid yellow inside. My restorer managed to recreate the slats in the roll door from original 2 slats found in the old track. The picture on the right shows the antique medicines and farm remedies I found - untouched since my grandpa last used them on the farm.

The Heart of Autumn

Memories -- they roll through my mind.
All the years of Thanksgiving celebrations.
I remember them, with family & friends,
Different places, different faces.

Now, our home is where we gather.
It is because it is so right here.
The big old farmhouse, the barn,
The big oak tree obliges with leaves of red.

The family arrives, Dad brings ice cream.
Mom brings the pies fresh from her oven.
Robert, my only brother, brings his
Family from afar. Thank you brother.

As I open the door to our farmhouse
Welcoming Sister Roberta and her clan.
We all walk into the warm, steamy fragrant room.
Drinking in the smell of roasting turkey and sage.

Baby sister Denise brings her young ones,
What would the day be without them?
Thanksgiving day, we have always come together
The family draws tight as if by an unseen magnet.

The table is set with my finest china,
Napkins are folded like sculptures.
Goblets await cider, candles are alight.
The preparations reach a crescendo.....

Then, Dayle pulls his perfect creation,
The biggest turkey he could find,
From the oven, and the room quiets.
We all gather around, and glory in the scene...

A family, full of love and cheer.
This is the true America, our pilgrim
Ancestors would be proud, of what
Their brave adventure has wrought.

And we are filled with thanks.

Copyright 1995 by Teresa Kasner

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